Contract Trainer

Are you a registered PTE in need of a contract trainer for delivery of a range of subjects.

With over 18 years of Adult Education subject delivery, we can offer our services to assist you meet your clients training needs when required.

With experience delivering a range of Unit Standards based training, we can currently offer contract trainer assistance in the following subjects;

  • First Aid (6400, 6401, 6402)

  • Emergency Responder

  • National Diploma in Ambulance Practice

  • Forklift (10851)

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Emergency Warden

  • Health and Safety Representative (29315) 

  • Introduction to Health & Safety (497)

  • Safe Work Practices (17593)

  • Apply hazard ID and Risk Management (17602)

  • Manual Handling (17459)

  • Back Injury Prevention (17592)

  • Effective Communication in the Workplace

  • Emergency Management

  • National Certificate in Security Level 2 & 3

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