Sporting Events

We can offer a range of Medic or First Responder services for your sporting event and have a wide range of clients including;

  • Equestrian

  • Motor X

  • Football

  • Cycling

  • School Sports

Corporate Events

Let us provide you with peace of mind service at you next corporate event, providing you with a professional emergency response service to suit your needs at your next big event.

We can provide a range of services for your next;

  • Conference

  • Public event

  • Private event

Industrial Events

We can provide a Rescue Paramedic Trained First Responder for your industrial needs, with skills including;

  • Managing Medical & Trauma Events

  • Gas Detection in Confined Spaces

  • Fire Suppression

  • Health & Safety trained

  • Breathing Apparatus Trained

  • Triage and Rescue

Fully equipped to meet your industrial needs.


Kiwi First Aid Ltd does NOT provide an ambulance service.

We DO provide an Event First Aid Service and we use a mix of first aid trained staff who are well equipped to manage a range of medical or trauma situations until an emergency ambulance arrives on site.

We do not carry or administer any prescription, restricted or controlled medications.

The Owner/Director and often your primary Event Medic is a registered Paramedic and holds a current Practicing Certificate.

While a holder of a Degree in Paramedic Practice and with over 8 years experience as a front line Paramedic, Kiwi First Aid dose not have a medical director and as such, Kiwi First Aid has no scope of practice or authority to practice at Paramedic level. The benefit is education and experience to make clinical decisions, recommendations and referals to other health care providers.